Jumat, 31 Agustus 2012


Hey bloggieeee..
it's been a long time since my last story, right? i've been busy lately, hehe
okay now, i want to post about Ailee !!! *cheers*
i will introduce her to you. because maybe most of you haven't known about her yet.
Name: Lee Yejin
Stage Name: Ailee
D.O.B: 30 May 1989

as so you know,  she's a korean rockie singer. i started to addicted to her song 'Heaven' this past few days. i suggest you to listen to this song, guys..
i know her from Gamaliel-Audrey's channel in youtube. they made a cover of her song. i was interested, then i looked for the original song, and yeah i like it.
i like both, Gamaliel-Audrey's version and original version of Ailee.
she has an angelic voice. i've got goosebumps when i hear it (too much maybe). but seriously, she has an amazing voice, trust me.
So, yeah that's all..
once more, to everyone who read my post, please try to listen to her voice. you can start from her single 'Heaven'.
enjoy guys........



Rabu, 14 Maret 2012

annoying class -_-

sekolah gue yang sebenernya pelit libur itu akhirnya ngasih libur juga, lumayan lah seminggu. Many things that happened in my life, this week. And i enjoyed it, even there's something i don't want to do, such as music practice with my classmate -_- i don't like them, they're so annoying and selfish, i just like trapped in this class -_- damn.
gue bener bener ga suka sama kelas gue yg sekarang -_- anak anaknya ga asik, ga seru, nyebelin...
dikelas, gue dibilang rasis gara gara berempat mulu, dan ga gabung sama mereka. lagian gimana gue mau gabung? anak anaknya aja kaya gitu -_- caper banget dah sama guru, udah gitu suka ngejerumusin kita berempat sampe bermasalah sama guru guru, ngeselin -_- semoga kelas 3 ga sekelas sama ipa 1 lagi -_-