Rabu, 29 Mei 2013


Well, it's been soooo long since the last post. I was barely have time with internet, so yeah it's my free time and i'm bored, perfect time to write...

Now, i'm gonna share about college. Since i was just graduated from highschool, so it's time to try college. Oh, and for all students who wasn't accepted to public universities, don't give up guys. You can join another entry test.  And for students who got accepted, congratulation!!!

And for me, i'll continue my study in London School of Public Relations. Why? Isn't it obvious? Well, of course because i'm gonna take Public Relations as my subject. If i don't choose Public Relations, perhaps i won't choose London School, simple as that.

London School of Public Relations, has 6 subjects. Public Relations, Mass Communication, Marketing, Advertising, International Relations, and Performing Arts Communication. Want to know the details? Just check out in here .

I'm quite excited to really be a part of it. Just wishing for everything to be perfectly fine..

Boring? Well, time to sign out, be back again next time :)