Sabtu, 18 Juni 2011


“I start to realize that I have an extraordinary friends and I like to waste my time with them”

Yeah, that’s my word to describe what kind my friends are . .

I love them , I really enjoy our friendship                      

We smile together , laugh together , joke together , walk together , and learn together

They know how to tell a good story , how to make a funny joke , how to pass a boring time , etc

But , nobody perfect in this world . yeah i know that quote

Sometimes we have a different opinion , and sometimes I feel I can’t follow their way

They have a different habit , not a lot

But i should try to understand their way , I shouldn’t be selfish

Because it’s a life , we aren’t live alone in this world 

So , I try to keep this friendship

I hope we still together eventhough we won’t stay in the same class :’)

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